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Заявка Астраханского государственного технического университета (Call: FP7-2010- of Sustainable Development of Specially Protected Natural Territories: social resources).

Astrakhan State Technical University

Contact Person:

ELISEEVA, Marina (Ms)
Chief specialist
Astrakhan State Technical University

Telephone: +7-8512-614216
Fax: +7-8512-257368

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Project Proposal
Mechanism of sustainable development of specially protected natural territories

Type Details: Environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as that of any other country, is often inefficient due to the lack of support on the part of the community, active involvement of public into protection of natural resources. The challenge is to provide for multi-level community participation in conservation of the natural riches.
The goal of the research project is to work out the mechanism for social resources recruitment to ensure sustainable development of specially protected natural territories (SPNT).
Objectives of the research:
1. to evaluate the level of awareness of people who live in close proximity to SPNT of the necessity to conserve natural resources;
2. to estimate the degree of preparedness of people who live in close proximity to SPNT to participate in natural resources conservation;
3. to identify forms of SPNT community participation in nature conservation;
4. to identify forms of interaction between environmental authorities and public in protection of the nature;
5. to work out the model of the mechanism of SPNT sustainable development by the example of the Low Volga region and the North Caspian area.
The major questions under examination are:
1. evaluation of the degree to which environmental awareness of the population has been formed;
2. environment-oriented behaviour of the population;
3. environmental awareness and environment-oriented behaviour as components of environmental culture of the population;
4. mechanisms which influence environmental awareness and environment-oriented behaviour.
This problem is pan-European, since unbalanced SPNT development provides long lasting and irreversible impact on environmental situation in Europe, conservation of unique flora and fauna species, climate changes on the continent and the planet in whole.
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